How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

If you’re not sure how to tell him you like him, there are a few easy ways to flirt with him. This is a safe way out and doesn’t require you to take many risks. Remember that guys like to be close to their girlfriends. You want to approach him for who he is, not for what he can do for you. You can tell that he’s hot by the way his eyes light up when you’re around him or when his face lights up when he’s talking to you.

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

If you are not sure how he reacts or you are unsure whether you should ask or not? Here are some best ways to tell a guy you like him in 10 sweet ways.

Get closer to him

Another great way to show your guy that you’re interested in getting closer to him is to share personal stories or dreams. Sharing this information with him will allow you to build a deeper connection with him. Men are generally very shy and won’t take this opportunity lightly, but he’ll probably feel honored by your honesty. If he feels the same way, he’ll probably reciprocate and will be even more excited to meet you.

Use the push and pull method

You can use the push and pull method in person if you know him well enough. This way, you’ll be able to share your feelings with him without putting yourself at risk of him finding out. The key to a successful relationship is emotional attraction. If you can build this up from the beginning, you’re on the right track to starting a romance. Just be sure to keep your feelings private – don’t let others know how you feel.

Touch him

Touching him is an excellent way to build emotional attraction with a man. It’s easy to be tactile and a man may even wonder why women are so physical. Gentle touches can help you to brush invisible threads from his shoulders or brush his arm while laughing or playing. It’s a great way to get closer to him. You don’t have to use words – you can make an impression through non-verbal gestures.

Be confident

Don’t be afraid to bare your heart to him. There’s no need to worry if he’ll react in the same way as you. You can tell him how you feel inside. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Be yourself and don’t try to manipulate the situation. You can’t fool him if you don’t feel comfortable with yourself.

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Share private moments with him

Another way to tell a guy that you like him is to share some of your most private moments with him. Share your dreams and hopes with him. Then, make him feel special. He’ll be touched to hear such messages. In addition to complimenting you, he will be pleasantly surprised by your interest in him. In addition to telling you that you love him, you can also give him a compliment about how much he inspires you.


Texting is an excellent way to tell a guy that you like him. It allows you to share more personal details without having to say a word. This way, your man will be more likely to open up and share his thoughts. However, keep in mind that men can be clueless when it comes to their feelings, so it’s important that you know exactly how to approach him. A few suggestions below should help you make the best impression.

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him


One universal sign of happiness is a smile. A man will notice someone who is happy. If you are happy and playful around him, he will notice it, and this will be a good sign that you like him. You don’t have to use words to show how much you care about him. The non-verbal cues that are obvious to a guy don’t necessarily have to involve words.

Make him notice you

Smiling is a universal sign of happiness, so be sure to smile whenever you see him. You should also keep in mind that men will notice a happy woman in a crowd, and it will make them more likely to notice you too. While talking to a guy is one of the best ways to show your interest, it doesn’t have to be the most obvious way to tell him that you like him.

Be observant

Be sure to use non-verbal signs to let him know you like him. The most common non-verbal signs are smiling and expressing joy. If you smile at a guy and he’s in the mood, he’s more likely to notice you. It’s also important to make your intentions clear and make sure that he understands them. If you don’t have the courage to tell him how you feel, he’ll never know and won’t even notice.

Use non-verbal signals

If you’ve been dating a guy for a while, you may not know how to tell him that you like him. You may be too shy to say it to a guy, so it’s best to use non-verbal signals. While it’s not necessary to use words, it will give him a good impression of you. If you’re confident with your actions and words, he’ll probably reciprocate your efforts.

You should also avoid using cliches or sarcasm. While telling a guy you like him is never easy, it’s worth it to be as genuine as possible.

Show an interest in what he enjoys

Try to find something in common with him that will make you two more compatible. If you have a shared interest in baseball, for example, ask him what team he supports and which player he likes best. By making the effort to connect with him, you show him you’re a real person. Also, if you’re not sure about baseball, ask him about his favorite team and who his favorite player is. This kind of conversation will let him know that you’re interested in his interests.

Ask him about himself

One of the easiest ways to let a guy know that you like him is to ask him about himself. Almost all men like themselves, whether they are sexy, quirky, or plain weird. By asking about his personality, you can spark a conversation and get to know his unique character better. It won’t put him in the friend zone and will show him that you respect and admire him for the person he is.

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