How to End a Casual Relationship Easily

Relationships may be exciting, but when people got serious, problems occurs. So, here’s how to stop a casual relationship.

It’s difficult to end a casual relationship because they don’t have a beginning. Not all casual relationships end well.

Many people become emotionally connected, and when one wishes to end things, they may just ghost the other. But it’s good for both of you in long term.

How to End a Casual Relationship Easily

Why do you want to end a casual relationship?

It is upto you. First, decide how you feel about your relationship. It all starts with being honest with yourself. Ask your friend and share your feelings.

If you are not feeling your love and it’s just an attraction, you should end it.

Before ending your casual relationship, check-in with yourself to see whether you want to stay friends or have a more serious relationship.

You may want to have some exclusivity with your partner, or you might want more commitment. Whatever the case, it’s vital to discuss your concerns with your partner, and if you’re unsure how to end a casual relationship, it’s best to do it through communication.

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A Perfect Way to End a Casual Relationship

If you’re in a casual relationship, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of the relationship. If you’re in a casual relationship with a partner who’s just starting to show interest, you should make an effort to be more romantic and serious.

This is particularly important if the other person is hesitant to move forward with the relationship. Once you’re comfortable with it, the other person will be more likely to be interested in you and your relationship.

How to End a Casual Relationship

1. Be honest

If you’re wondering how to end a casual relationship, it’s crucial to be upfront with the other person about your reasons for breaking up. It’s easy to feel conflicted about the end of a casual relationship, but if you take the time to explain your reasons, the other person will understand and appreciate your feelings. If you’ve been seeing someone for a while, don’t be afraid to voice them out – even if you’re feeling bad about it.

Having an open and honest conversation is the best way to end a casual relationship. Being frank about your feelings is the best way to avoid confusion. When you’re in a casual relationship, it’s important to express your emotions without being too “serious.” Rather than putting your partner through a difficult time of change, communicate your true feelings to your partner.

2. Try to talk in person not on social media

Meet up with them, have a cup of coffee, and engage in a genuine dialogue with each other. If this is someone you admire, this is the very minimum you can do. Talk with each other and solve the issue.

3. Do not disappear without a trace

However, while this is the quickest and most direct way to “hint” to them that you’re no longer interested, it is also extremely immature and disrespectful.

4. There will be no more sexy time

Yes, the intimacy was wonderful, but if you want to know how to terminate a casual relationship properly, you must refrain from having sexual intercourse with this individual anymore.

5. It’s okay to feel bad about it

You may feel apprehensive, even guilty about terminating things. You have every right to be upset, and it is understandable.

If anything, it indicates that you care. Don’t try to shove these sentiments to the side for the sake of time. After all, it is a breakup, and you are a human being.

6. There will be no mixed messages on social media

After you discussed it, stay off social media. You can upload images and status updates, but do not like or comment on other people’s postings. Also do not stalk each other.

7. You may receive a negative reaction.

Being dumped is not something everyone enjoys, and not everyone will be able to deal with it. You must be prepared for unexpected things.

If you receive bad comments, and bad behaviour.

8. Complete it as quickly as possible.

To be honest, there is never a good time to tell someone you don’t want to continue dating them and you want to end a Casual Relationship. Do not wait for the right time. Just go and share your thoughts with your partner.

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